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How to shamelessly self promote on social media

I read a blog post a few years back and a quote that has helped me in shamelessly plugging myself. The quote read: “what’s the point in knowing what you know… if no-one knows, you know, what you know?” (source). As a social media manager, I want to share some tips on how to shamelessly plug your socks off!


Create a new title specifically for sharing on social media. I recommend creating three to five different captions so that you can re-share more than once. You should be posting your content multiple times a week/month and please customise your sharing to the platform. Eg. writing ‘link in bio’ on Twitter.

#2 – shamelessly promote at the right time:

Sharing at 2 am in the morning on a Sunday when everyone is sleeping will do you no favours. Take some time to look at your insights and times that people engage with your content the most. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram allow you to do this all for free.


Don’t just drop your links and hope for the best. Ask your audience questions. Create a discussion – engage!


You’d be shooting yourself in the foot if you think posting on one platform is enough. Twitter is a great way to interact and engage with your audience directly. Facebook is the perfect space to share your activity and gain some feedback. Instagram is a good tool to show your content through imagery. Pinterest, Linkedin, Youtube… the list is endless. Look at the benefits of each platform and see if it aligns with your goal/audience.

#5 – shamelessly promote in RELEVANT ONLINE COMMUNITIES:

There are already more than three million communities/groups on Facebook and LinkedIn alone. Joining and becoming an engaged group member to your relevant community allows you to self-promote to a targeted audience. However, be weary as many groups have specific days for self-promotion.

#6 – Let your personality shine:

Seriously, when on social media, just be you. Add some personality to your sharing – throw in an emoji (if appropriate). If you see someone talking about something you can help with – plug yourself!


Bitlinks can help you track where your audience is coming from and give you an idea of who is coming from where. Also, they make your links way more memorable.

#8 – shamelessly TAG:

By tagging people or companies in your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook posts people within the tagged network are able to see your page. Fingers crossed they retweet, share or like and you get some cross-traffic.

#9 – Schedule It:

Shyness can get the better of us but if you can schedule posts here and there then why not? We recommend Planoly, Agorapulse, Buffer, and Tweetdeck.

#10 – Shamelessly promote with Confidence:

Passion is infectious. If you’re enthusiastic and energetic about your work, self-promotion will become easier. Believe in yourself!

Utilize one or all of these tips and you’ll be flourishing before you know it.

Any others that you would add to the list? Tweet @Pudsco.

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