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15 common social media marketing mistakes

We see so many brands making these 15 common social media marketing mistakes, These mistakes often leaves so many people feeling discouraged by the lack of positive results. Everybody makes mistakes and it’s fine so long as you learn from them. Here are some common mistakes and how to avoid them…

1. Not having a social media strategy: This is highly important. We cannot stress enough why you need to have a WHY and HOW. However, a lot of brands who still do not understand the importance of a strategy.

Thousands of businesses around the world are using social media to reach their audience and promote their products. You know how? with intention and strategy.

A clear and effective social media marketing strategy includes an action plan (ideally 12 months), clearly defined goals, and milestones. This document also describes the types of posts – images, videos, blog URLs, metrics, hashtags, trends, and brand tone of voice.

2. Measuring the wrong metrics/KPIsOne of the easiest mistakes you as a business owner or marketer can make is to focus on “vanity metrics,” instead of the metrics that really matter. For those who are blissfully unaware, vanity metrics are data such as social media followers, subscribers, and other metrics that look satisfying on paper but don’t necessarily impact your business goals. They look great and positive in reporting but aren’t necessarily actionable.

3. Treating all social media platforms as the same: Repeat after us: EVERY PLATFORM IS DIFFERENT. Every social network has its own tools, audience and type of content. For your efforts to be worthwhile, you need to account for the differences between social networks. Learn how people communicate and engage with each platform individually.

4. Posting but not engaging: You can post until you go red in the face but if you’re not engaging, you’re being counterproductive. Your content should be designed to spark engagement, clicks, or whatever your goals are with your audience. If you don’t get the desired reactions, you should revisit your action plan. When a person responds or comments, be sure to reply. Every comment is an opportunity to communicate with your current or potential customer directly. Remember: social media is for socializing. This is one of the social media marketing mistakes you don’t want to make.

5. Being overly self-serving: Imagine hanging out with a person who only talks about themselves? That would get pretty jarring quick, right? Well, that’s a very common mistake many brands make on social media. At the end of the day, sorry but nobody cares. When creating content, make it about your audience, for your audience – always.

6. Relying too much on automation: Recently we’ve seen a few examples from brands who’ve forgotten to pause a campaign or a scheduled tweet goes out at the wrong time. People see. Don’t think they don’t. Your brand’s social media presence has to have a personal element to it. Continue to post content that is personalized and authentic.

7. Being cringe: Jumping on irrelevant trends that are both cringe-worthy and desperate. Don’t do it. Stay clear.

8. Spreading your brand across too many platforms: You’ve signed up for an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat, and Youtube… but does your brand need to be on each of these platforms?

9. Not addressing negative comments properly: Don’t ignore the negative comments as this will only lead to a more negative experience. Act quickly on complaints, answer questions, and always direct people to appropriate channels for support (ideally email). Responding to both positive and negative – this will help you address product issues, engage with your followers, and build trust.

10. Spamming: This goes back to a few of the earlier points. Know each platform and how much content is good and when you’re spamming. Posting on your IG feed 10 times a day is likely going to ruffle some feathers and lose some people. Be consistent, but not a pest.

11. Buying followers: Just don’t do it – ever. That’s that on that.

12. Not diversifying your content: What type of content are you publishing to your social media channels? If you’re always posting the same thing – your followers will start to drop and grow tired. Test and mix your content up. Videos, photos, blog posts, etc. We can talk more about this.

13. Not knowing your audience: One of the biggest social media mistakes a brand can make is not knowing their audience. This means knowing everything from when they’re active, to learning what content resonates with them, to figuring out additional interests.

14. Incomplete profile: Are you missing important information? like your contact information, or a cover photo, email address? C’mon now! Make sure everything is done and dusted early. Also, test that all the links are working!

15. Lack of consistency: Often, it’s your lack of consistency in social media letting you down. Posting at random times, not consistently throughout the year is hindering your brand. Let’s do better. Block out some time to really work on this.

Have you made any of these social media marketing mistakes? Comment down below.

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