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Five tips for starting an Instagram for your puppy

March 23, 2020

Are you staying home with your puppy during this time? To keep you both busy, you can turn your pup into the next big instagram sensation. If you’re a dog mum or dad, you’ve probably already posted hundreds of images of them on Instagram. If you’ve been thinking of starting an Instagram for your furry BFF, here are five tips. 

Tip 1:

Think about what makes your dog unique. Does he or she have a unique physical attribute? If not, consider your dog’s personality, what do they do that makes you smile or laugh?


Tip 2 

Post consistently but let’s not go overboard. Test multiple times to determine the optimal time for the most engagement. The more dedicated you are, the more interested your followers will be.


Tip 3 

Don’t sleep on the power of #hashtags. Obviously avoid overusing hashtags, but when you’re starting out, they’re a great way boost reach and engagement. Jump on popular hashtags like #tongueouttuesday or #pupsofinstagram

Tip 4

Create your own branded hashtag so fans can easily find your content!!

Tip 5 

Lastly, actually engage with other people/dogs part of the pups insta-community. Follow people and like, share, and comment on accounts you like. You’ll never grow tired of cute doggy goodness.


Who are your favourite dog accounts?

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