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Instagram Live

Instagram Live: a guide for businesses

Right now everything and anything is happening on Instagram Live. Millions of people around the world are tuning into Instagram Live more than ever. Though going LIVE is not a new feature for Instagram, to some brands, it’s the first chance since launching that you’ve been able to implement it into your social media strategy.

IG Live is an incredible resource for driving engagement, followers, and even converting people. However, hosting your first live broadcast may feel scary. So to help you get prepared and excited, we’ve covered everything from pre-live promotion to top tips for hosting a successful IG Live. 

Instagram Live

Let’s start with why your business should use the live feature:

Instagram Live is integrated as part of Instagram Stories, which has more than 500 million daily active users. When you go Live, you’re bumped to the first position in the Stories and your followers will receive an in-app notification. In addition to this, your broadcast will remain on your Instagram Stories for 24 hours for your audience to rewatch at their own pace.

Instagram Live is a completely raw, unedited stream for your followers to engage with. This is an opportunity to show the more human side of your business to your audience. 

However long you decide to go live for is an opportunity to build a stronger connection between your brand and current/potential consumers.

Essentially, Instagram Live is an excellent tool to promote a new launch/product, engage with current/potential customers, and reach a totally new audience on Instagram.

Now, how?

First, start by promoting your Instagram Live. Ask your audience what time suits them, what day, and set a countdown using the feature in Instagram Stories. Encouraging followers to tap the sticker and set a reminder. Share an Instagram post to announce your upcoming broadcast and to tag a friend who’d be interested. Got a mailing list? let them know too. 


Tip: Consider the location for your Instagram Live. This can have an impact on how professional your live looks.

Tip: Plan ahead of time. What are you going to cover in your Instagram Live? What are the important points to cover? 

Tip: Will you have a Q&A portion? to avoid any awkward moments where no one asks a question, have a backup list of questions that you’ve collected prior from Instagram Stories.


Honestly speaking, Instagram Live is an extremely easy tool to use. Before you jump on your first live broadcast, it’s important to check your settings are all in order and that you have a strong and stable internet connection. We also recommend getting a lazy arm so you can have a steady, handsfree broadcast. We use this one here. 


Now you’re ready…

Step 1: Open the Instagram Stories camera and swipe to the “Live” mode. You’ll then be able to see how many of your followers are active in the Instagram app. These people will receive the in-app notification when you click to go live.


Step 2: Tap the “Live” icon to start your live broadcast. Don’t just jump right in, give some time for people to join. Get your small talk on. Ask if people can hear you, see you. Ask how everyone is and if they’re excited! 

Step 3: Your live is officially underway. Now, this is where it gets more dun, you can choose from a number of live features for more engagement.  

Instagram Live Features


  • Tap “Comment” to add a comment to the live stream. You can also pin a comment. This could be a great feature for launches, pinning a discount code!
  • Answer questions from your viewers submitted through the q&a feature. You’ll be able to add them to the screen by tapping the question mark icon.
  • Invite someone to join your Instagram Live by tapping the faces icon. 
  • Apply an Instagram Stories filter by tapping the filter icon. However, it may be a little pointless. 
  • You can also share an image or video to your broadcast screen by tapping the camera roll icon from the options.


Step 4: Ready to wrap it up? say your goodbyes and call to actions then tap “End” in the top right corner and then “End Now” to confirm. You can then tap the save icon in the top left to save it to your camera roll or share it to your Instagram Stories. 

End Instagram Live

It’s really that simple. Right now, there’s a huge opportunity to grab your followers’ attention and even make sales. Let us know if you find these tips useful over on our Instagram


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