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About This Project

Scape Student Living is an inspirational place for students to live and work. Dotted around London, Scape makes sure that students have everything they need to feel safe,  calm and at home.

The Challenge

A Rise In Competitively Priced Accommodation

Scape Student Living had been hugely successful as one of the only accommodations which provided more than just a room.  With a stream of student accommodations opening nearby with competitive prices, it was hard to stand out among the competition. Scape’s online channels were neglected and declining per day. Brand awareness was dying, and the engagement was dead.

What did we introduce to increase engagement and brand awareness?

Instagram Takeovers:

Current students showed off their homes, local attractions and ultimately sold Scape to prospective students through our channels. They answered questions along the day, and each showed off a strand of Scape’s brand story. Some are highlighted on the brand page and reached over 1300 students, see here.

Instagram Live:

We held one each month to answer questions live for any oversea students, prospective students, and first-year students. This is something Scape had never done before. Using a member of the sales team and operations team, we drew in over 50 live and active participants and over 370 playbacks within 24 hours.

We created valuable information:

We created SEO friendly articles to educate and inform Scape students.

We got the students involved:

Kieran and James (TheGreenEyedGuys) had already been  Vlogging their lives in and around Scape so we contacted them to see if they wanted to work together on a Vlog. From this we were able to cut it into chunks for social, email and paid ads. Watch.

We organised a cook-off!

The challenge was that Scape is full of studios that share a  communal kitchen. But how could we show it off without being basic? Well, you hold a student cook-off. We handled the logistics and creative and put together a cook-off for students by students with branded aprons and all. Evergreen content perfect for newsletters and future promotions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]