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Six tips for better community management

February 29, 2020
community management

Good community management doesn’t just happen overnight, however, poor customer relationships can dampen your businesses success. Community management is just as important as any part of your social media strategy.

As the community manager, you have to set goals, monitor conversations regularly, and stay true to the brand, all of which help you manage and build a strong brand community.

If you’re new to the world community management, here’s what you need to know:

Introduce community guidelines:

Community guidelines are important for every single community manager. This document includes everything from being courteous to the social media response process. Attach anything else you think is specific to your brand and this will make it easier to share with new members or cover.

Be personal:

Great community management isn’t a textbook response. The consumer smells a copy and paste job a mile away. Strive to make each person who comes into direct contact with the brand feel heard through the use of personalised language. Always ask for their name and address users by their first name. Avoid fluff and buzzwords.

Monitor regularly:

If you are posting content regularly, monitor regularly. Watch as conversations unfold and use this as feedback to the social media team/manager.

Don’t forget to follow-up:

If one of your followers asks you a question, respond asap but also make a note to follow up again at a later date. This shows you value your customer and their experience with your brand. 

Start discussions:

In the early days, most community members won’t talk much. It’s your job to begin discussions and get people chatting in the comments. We advise you to plan content that asks questions. 

As people respond, you should reply, like, retweet, and thank community members for getting involved.

Determine how you’ll measure success:

To be honest, there’s no right or wrong way. This is completely bespoke reasoning depending on what matters to the company. Here are some ways people measure community management success:

1. Growth in followers

2. Increase in direct messages or live chat discussions

3. Increase in the content shared or liked by your fans

4. Increase in engagement as a whole (likes, shares, mentions, hashtag usage, comments)

5. Increase in customer satisfaction (reviews)

6. A lift in sales and conversions

7. Increase in User Generated Content

So that’s it. All in all, it is important to pay attention to how your followers respond to your community management efforts and maintain a log of what has worked and more importantly, what hasn’t. 

Happy community building!