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The advantages of Linkedin for building a personal branding

Are you an active participant on Linkedin? If not, why not? It’s fair to say that many of us focus on visual social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook when it comes to building a personal brand online. However, there are so many advantages to using Linkedin for building your personal brand.

Linkedin is one of the best platforms for interacting with like-minded people professionally. With over 500 million people active on the site, it has become the largest platform for business networking. 

With that said, some people may still need convincing. So here are some of the advantages of using Linkedin to build your personal brand:


The main priority for your personal brand is to make sure that you are seen, and most importantly by the right people. 

The nature of Linkedin – a place for industry professionals and leaders – makes it the best place to promote yourself. You can create greater exposure for yourself amongst industry people and a strong Linkedin profile could very well boost your Google search too.

Be part of your community/industry:

To develop a strong personal brand you need to stay up to date with topics and discussions taking place in your field, Linkedin provides that space for you. 

You get the chance to connect and network with industry experts and leaders, connect with likeminded people, and take part in conversations and topics that are being discussed which helps you remain current and become an active participant in your industry.

Show off your expertise, to the right audience:

The benefits of having your personal brand amongst industry experts are endless. The most important factors are that alongside your accomplishments, you also get the chance to showcase your opinions, unique point of views, and your expertise in your field. This can be very advantageous for your brand because you never know who might be listening. 

It’s good for growth:

Linkedin offers many different tools that can help you develop your brand, such as:

  • Linkedin plus: an online news feed designed for members to share self-published content with their audience.
  • Linkedin groups: which are hubs that provide a place for professionals with similar interests to connect. 

These tools, alongside having access to other industry people’s opinions and thoughts, can really teach you some valuable tips and information that can help your brand grow and flourish. 

You open yourself to more opportunities:

Having a complete and strong Linkedin profile shows that you are up to date with the digital age and that you have an online presence. Trying to explain or communicate your personal brand to someone using words can be SUPER challenging, that’s why having an account  can help define your personal brand more clearly, and showcase your many skills and talents. 

Also as we all know the bigger your network, the greater potential for more jobs leads to come your way.

Have a place to store all your industry contacts:

When attending a professional mixer or industry event, oftentimes you will meet industry experts and will want to stay in touch with them. Asking them for their Linkedin is way more professional than asking them for their emails or IG accounts, so having a Linkedin account comes in handy in these situations.

We hope you start using Linkedin more, and if you are already, give us a follow on our company page.

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